Collaboration with Hakawati Café

EFL launches iMemento, – iPad- memos an app that aims to change the working habits of the legal profession.

The challenge:

Get lawyers in all fields: financial and legal advisers, management consultants, corporate lawyers, legal associations, administration, managers etc., to try iMemento.

How did we do it?

We came up with the iMemento Generation concept. A community that includes all professionals who wish to work in any situation or place and to have information available when they wish

In its paper format, iMemento is a highly valued product, so making the transfer to iPad allows it to gain mobility, ubiquity, personalised information, constant updates as well as all of the advantages of an iPad.
The challenge: Get the product tested by a very fragmented target who is not necessarily as familiar with technology as you would expect. And whose opinion leaders do not generally frequent social networks but who do have significant influence.
Idea: We created the iMemento Generation. We identified opinion leaders and managed to get them to recommend trying the app. We always moved online and offline to ensure we reached all of our audience.

The innovation and improvements in working methods provided by iMemento are so great that it gave rise to the birth of a new generation “The iMemento Generation”.
The life of various professionals in this sector was transformed when they joined this generation.
These stories tell how the appearance of this character with an iPad for a face (a sufficiently attractive ambassador to work in both the worlds of 2.0 and offline) can get people to try the product and generate buzz.


We combined our “iMemento Generation” stories with content in which our character, iMemento, hits the street. Thanks to the notoriety achieved at Trade Fairs and events, we achieved participation, notoriety and got people to try the product.

  • 1,745 app downloads in a month.
  • 487 Mementos purchased.
  • 366 people interested in trying it.
  • 43,000 euros net invoiced.
  • 11,000 users visited
  • 5,500 YouTube videos watched.