G53 designs and manufactures electronic devices, with a vision that combines innovation and ultra creative design.
G53 already works in Latin America and the US. Now the challenge is to launch and commercialize the brand in Spain.
Our tasks range from creating graphic identity to being very creative in implementing B2B communication to boost commercial department sales. We also develop a strategic vision to amplify multiple windows.

We start from the premise that if something doesn’t sell, it’s not creative.

Graphic Identity

We find the right balance between design, innovation and creativity. Our purpose is to present devices as tools that help us connect with other people and with our surroundings.

Corporate Campaign

The challenge is to show key brand attributes in a simple way. design tools that help spread the new image in the fastest way possible.

B2B Communication

We develop powerful creative pieces that are extremely in-keeping with the philosophy and communication of our future partners: Corte Inglés, Repsol, Iberia, Orange, Victoria’s Secret, House of Marley. Our campaigns are 100 % customized for each of these companies. The goal is clear: create impact.