New DevoluIVA app design proposal created as part of the Masters in UX at La Salle BCN.

How is this achieved?

Given its sustained growth and rapid changes in user requirements, DevoluIVA wanted to reassess its Android app design to make it more user centric, in line with current usability and accessibility standards and design guidelines, to bring the user into a closer relationship with its product, while maintaining a simple, minimalist design.

What did we do?
We performed in-depth analysis of every aspect of DevoluIVA’s usability and accessibility to detect any weaknesses in the user experience and interactions.

We corrected the flaws we identified and integrated improvements into an appealing and striking Android app design. Based on these results, the final deliverable is a design proposal adapted using an interactive prototype.

We presented the interactive DevoluIVA prototype and received very good feedback from both DevoluIVA and the course teachers.

  • Experience: in analyzing and understanding how users communicate with technology so as to facilitate and simplify their interactions.
  • Skills learned: the ability to define strong IT architecture and design tools.
  • Passion: pinpointing the optimal harmony between all of the elements that comprise interaction with any digital tool: menus, windows, graphics, texts, buttons, CTAs, and automatic responses.